About Kyoto Fantasy Troupe

Kyoto Fantasy Troupe, a.k.a. Fantasy Troupe, is a Touhou doujin circle dedicated to the production of fan animations for Touhou Project.

In addition to animation, our circle will also create other types of Touhou fan works, such as comics.

Our circle was established in early 2014, and has been working on Touhou fan animations since then.

Both email addresses can be used.

Sina Weibo: http://www.weibo.com/fantasytroupe
Twitter: https://twitter.com/fantasytroupe


Thank you for your support.

《About Kyoto Fantasy Troupe》上的3个想法

  1. The animation looks promising, I’m looking forward to it and your next animations.

    Best of luck

  2. What happened to the first episode that was on Japanese dub English Subs? Where do it go? What happened to the voices, where do I find it now? How can I save the video soo I Can Watch it with people?!

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