Hifuu Club Activity Record trailer vs. real life comparison

On the occasion of the THVideo site’s Video Festival event, I made a video comparing some background stages from the trailer to their real life versions.

The included scenes are: aerial view of Kyoto, Fujimi Plateau Hospital, Zenkou-ji Temple, and Rendaino Graveyard.

Due to limitations of our abilities and other factors, some details might have been omitted, but I have made a conscious effort in designing many details.

Anyone interested in those scenes can take a look at the comparison video.

URL: http://thvideo.tv/v/th2604/

Hifuu Club Activity Record ~ The Sealed Esoteric History. -Prologue- revealed



Hifuu Club Activity Record ~ The Sealed Esoteric History. is a Touhou fan project by our circle, Kyoto Fantasy Troupe.

It is a large project centered around animation, supplemented by comics, written fiction, illustrations and other paraphernalia.

The production of the project will be a long and involved process, and we will do our best to bring you the story we want to tell. (Of course, this has to be done in several steps.)

The story begun when the two members of Sealing Club obtained an artifact originating from Gensokyo. They realized there is a hidden history behind this artifact, and started their research into those secrets.

What will they encounter? What will they discover?

Their investigations will bring them near the forgotten history of the Touhou universe, to stories of the past hidden beneath today’s peaceful Gensokyo.

A complete view of the world of Touhou Project will be shown before our eyes.

This is our goal, and what we have been striving for – to turn the Gensokyo we love into pictures, and to share it with other people who have felt the same love.

We are now nearing the completion of “Prologue”. Without any unexpected incidents, it will become available at Chinese conventions this November.

It is only a short piece, but we have put in all our efforts in the past few months.

People might ask, why are we making this prologue first rather than a full episode.

To tell the truth, we would also love to dive directly into making a full episode! But creating an animated show is an extremely costly endeavor in every sense of the word.

As Touhou fans, we have done our best in our spare time. We have adopted a professional production process, and invited many pros to provide us with guidance and help.

In the end, we have survived the pressure, and delivered “Prologue” using only a few months.

We consider “Prologue” to be a complete work, which will also be used as the opening for full episodes in the future.

The final production steps are now underway. If everything goes well, we will be selling it at conventions and by mail order by mid-November.

We will try to prepare a Japanese version as soon as possible.

The details, including the content of the package, will be determined and released in mid-October.

Thank you again for your support.