Hifuu Club Activity Record trailer vs. real life comparison

On the occasion of the THVideo site’s Video Festival event, I made a video comparing some background stages from the trailer to their real life versions.

The included scenes are: aerial view of Kyoto, Fujimi Plateau Hospital, Zenkou-ji Temple, and Rendaino Graveyard.

Due to limitations of our abilities and other factors, some details might have been omitted, but I have made a conscious effort in designing many details.

Anyone interested in those scenes can take a look at the comparison video.

URL: http://thvideo.tv/v/th2604/

《Hifuu Club Activity Record trailer vs. real life comparison》上的一个想法

  1. I’m crying happiness out of my brain!!
    Keep up the awesome work!
    I love when guys like you make animations about the most awesome game ever!
    You are the best!

    sorry for my english but i came from Italy.

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